About Us


Escape to the Tropics is a bi-cultural and bilingual, family company operating in the colorful world of the tropics. We offer unique escapes to the tropics which emphasize local flora and fauna. Tropical luxury for us is being surrounded by plants and animals which either live on or pass through the properties. We don't much believe in the commercial definition of luxury, ie. marble counter tops or gold faucets and toilets. Don't misunderstand us, there is nothing wrong with a certain level of commercial luxury, but in all honesty a slab of marble is a far cry from hummingbirds, monkeys, scarlet macaws, toucans and iguanas which is how we like to define luxury.

Escape to the Tropics is a diverse group of people, comprised of Canadian, British, Costa Rican, Nicaraguan and Panamanian citizens. During the past two decades we have acquired many unique properties in Costa Rica and Panama. Each one provides a truly unique tropical experience. We have something for all budgets. We offer properties ideal for fishing and swimming, private ocean retreats, rural retreats, jungle and mountain reserves, small hotels and country and beach homes.

Escape to the Tropics does not manage properties from thousands of miles away; we live here and know the local people, language, customs, landscapes and attractions. We love and appreciate these lands and are thrilled to share them with our guests. We develop our properties to be the kind of getaways that fit our personal tastes which are basically "down to earth" with a strong emphasis on "outdoor living in communion with mother nature".

Escape to the Tropics does not try to impress with common place man made objects which can be had anywhere, but rather by offering a tropical experience which allows our guests to connect with mother nature. When indulging in a tropical escape, the only thing you should have to worry about is being ready with the camera. At Escape to the Tropics we are dedicated to giving you just such a carefree getaway. We do all the heavy thinking so you can truly enjoy your adventure in the tropics. Just tell us what you wish to do and we'll get started on your behalf.

Escape to the Tropics web site is best navigated by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page. We have created a unique option which allows you to choose your favorite booking agent for any property because we want you to enjoy your experience with us from the first moment.

Escape to the Tropics looks forward to helping you create memories of a lifetime on your next tropical escape. Once you experience your first Escape to the Tropics adventure you'll be anxious to plan your next one, of that we are sure. And remember, when you can't be with us, just follow us on your favorite social network to get your daily tropical fix.

Pura Vida!

Andrew & Jacqui